About Me

Why am I the perfect marketing writer for your sports business?

Let's cut to the chase...

My love of coffee, history, books, and classical stuff doesn't interest you.

When you hire me it's because you want copy that grows your sports business fast.

The oomph to skyrocket your sales and make your branding as strong as possible.

You don't choose me 'cos Andrew looks like a mighty swell guy and you're looking for a new friend.

That's not to say we can't become friends. Hopefully we will. But you want results, not another buddy!

So, how can I guarantee you great writing?

I focus on the sports niche for a reason.

It's my biggest passion.

A guy who loves sport - cliché alert!

But with me it's an addiction.

I mean, who else but a true sports addict would have a photo of themselves with St. Helens captain James Roby on their about page? (Not an endorsement - yet!)

That means I know intimately what turns your prospects into customers.

Because I am one of them.

What they want and need is what I want and need.

And I use that as a special power.

It's why my writing resonates with every ounce of their sporting being.

I match the way they talk, think, what they dream of.

So what they read feels like they're having a conversation with a friend.

Placing you in the strongest position to maximise conversions.

Good copy speaks to the heart.

And it can only do that if it comes from the heart.

Because great sports copy comes from the heart!