Are You Missing A Golden Sales Opportunity?

Welcome emails to your newsletter subscribers have massive potential for driving sales. Are you seizing the very real possibilities available to your business?

Andrew McDonald

7/22/20222 min read

A potential customer visits your website. They’re keen on your company and want to know more. They subscribe to your newsletter and then... nothing!

Perhaps you do send out occasional emails to your subscribers. However, if the act of signing up to your mailings is not met with an immediate welcome message, you’re letting money slip through your fingers.

Logically, when somebody visits your website, they’re interested in what you have to offer. When they sign up to your mailing list, they’re really interested. Perhaps, for whatever reason, they don’t make a purchase there and then but that doesn’t mean they won’t with a little gentle prompting.

That slight and friendly push towards buying from you needs to happen quickly. Over 54% of people subscribe to 20 or more brand newsletters. How long do you think yours is going to stay in their memory if you don’t make the effort to remind them?

Can you remember what you thought about purchasing a month ago but didn’t? OK, if it’s a major item you’ve been saving up for, it’s likely front and centre of your mind. A small buy, something under €100 which you liked but didn’t follow through on? You’ve almost certainly forgotten that. That’s exactly what’s happening with your potential customers when you don’t follow up a subscription request with a welcome email.

A 2015 State of Marketing Report found 72% of marketers value welcome emails as one of the top performing types of marketing mail. A potential customer has taken the time to reach out to you, after all. Are you seriously going to ignore them?

If an interested client asked for details on your business at a networking event, would you just give them the cold shoulder? That’s what you’re doing by not sending a welcome email.

A welcome email demonstrates that you value communication from potential customers. They are excited about your company and anticipate contact from you. This leads into an exponentially higher open and click through rate when compared to other emails. Statistics show people take the time to read and act on welcome emails four times more frequently than they do with most other mailings. Considering that 74% of people also expect to receive a welcome message when they subscribe, you’re disappointing a lot of people if you don’t bother.

A final bonus you get when sending welcome emails are they are a great opportunity for market research. By giving recipients the chance to update their preferences, opt into additional content and choose the information which matches their specific needs and interests, you get their direct input in shaping your future business.

Now the case for welcome emails has been made, next week we will explore how to make yours as effective as possible.