Five Things To Make Your Copy Sparkle

Make sure your marketing copy hits it target with these five quick tips.

Andrew McDonald

8/5/20222 min read

Copywriting is a skill and, like any skill, it can be learnt. If you have the time, you can do it. To give you a headstart, here are five tips you can use if you want to have a go yourself.

Know Your Audience

I’ve covered this in other articles. You need to know who you’re writing for in order to produce effective copy. Think about the people most likely to buy from your business. How old are they? What’s their gender? Can you estimate their income levels? What kind of jobs do they do and what kind of leisure activities are they into? Try to come up with as many details as possible so you can write material which will speak to them.

A Clear CTA Is A Must

The CTA (call to action) is perhaps the most important feature of any copy. Don’t assume your audience will instinctively know what you want them to do. They won’t. And if they don’t do what you want them to, you’ve missed your mark. Do you want them to ask for more information, make an order online, visit your store? Tell them!

Use Graphics – But Sparingly

Don’t try to create something to dislodge The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel’s roof. You’re aiming for effective copy, not a work of art. If you want something which looks truly professional, contact a graphic designer. They will know how to be creative without overdoing it. Imagery or colour should highlight your key points but not distract from them.

Be Brief

I doubt you read every word in every ad you see. Nobody does. Write your copy so you can still get the message by scanning it. Bullet points, headlines and subheadlines, well thought out, help immensely with this.

Benefits Over Features

I’ve covered this point before as well. Nobody is going to buy your product because of its features. They want to know what it will do for them. What problem in their lives will it solve? Highlight that and you’re on the right track.

Of course, if space in your diary is at a premium, you can hire a copywriter. Why not contact me to see what I can do for you?

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