How to get on podcasts and be an amazing guest

Andrew McDonald

6/6/20232 min read

I could go into how there's THE ONE GUARANTEED WAY to get onto podcasts.

A mythical method which will have hosts on their knees begging you to be interviewed.

A foolproof plan for being a great podcast guest.

The single best way of using podcast guesting to grow your sports e-commerce business.

But all of that would be drivel.

Sorry to tell you, there ain't no single way to do anything.

Not when it comes to marketing.

You could be a very charismatic person.

Someone able to charm the birds out of the trees.

There will be styles suited to you if you are.

The next reader could be shy but very kind.

There would be different ways they could let their personality show and win customers over.

The person before you might be confident but boring. And so they would have to get their speaking technique sorted before ever attempting to guest.

There are as many different methods that work as there are personality types.

And even if you're painfully shy or utterly dull, you can still benefit from guesting.

You're just going to have to do a bit more ground work first.

So what I'll outline are a few basic ideas. Concepts which will help you engage with podcast hosts and their listeners.

But which you need to be able to adapt to your own unique situation.

First, don't pitch any old podcast. Find ones which make sense for your business.

And look on whatever platform you find these podcasts for ones in the same genre.

You'll find loads.

Read their descriptions.

Try to find out as much about the host/s as possible. Via Google, social networks, etc.

Listen to a couple of episodes of those that grab your eye.

There are good hosts out there and bad ones. You want people who are going to help make you look good.

Find their contact details.

Send a pitch.



Do not send generic pitches. For the love of whichever Deity you pray to.

It's the fastest way to getting rejected.

Resolve yourself that you're going to keep on trying no matter how many times you get rejected.

Or ghosted.

And you will be rejected or ghosted.


But it often only takes one host to say yes to get the ball rolling.

When one does, be as helpful as possible.

Make sure you already have your personal and brand stories sorted.

This is what you'll be talking about.

Use the window between being accepted and being interviewed. Make sure to ask the host questions. And tell them you're happy to answer any of theirs. It helps build a relationship with them pre-interview.

Be friendly and respectful during your interview.

And, afterwards, promote the heck out of your podcast appearance.

Hosts LOVE guests who do that as it helps them grow their show.

Your chances of making reappearances and being invited onto other podcasts will be much higher if you do this.

It also makes sense for you and your business.

Oh, and make sure your CTA is short, snappy and intuitive.

You'll be mentioning your CTA at the end of your interview.

Do not go on shows without one. It's how customers will be able to engage with you and your sports e-commerce business after listening.

And that's it. ADAPT the approach I outlined above and you'll fly!