It's An Ill Wind...

Google's latest algorithm update was bad news for AI but there are great opportunities for us mere mortals!

Andrew McDonald

10/7/20221 min read

When I got the opportunity to guest blog for Lana Morris, aka ThatWoman.Tech, I couldn’t pass it up. For those of you who don’t know, Lana is a leading WordPress web designer for life coaches, spiritual practitioners and educators. She helps people with online course creation, offers a concierge service, is a magician when it comes to fixing your online problems and creates bespoke websites which make business owners stand out in their field.

Lana wanted me to write about a tech-related issue which would be helpful for her clients. Perhaps the biggest news this year in that field has been Google’s algorithm update. In short, it has meant bad news for people reliant on artificial intelligence for content. On the other hand, anybody who writes their own material, or hires somebody to do it for them, just received a massive gift from the world’s biggest search engine. I used this blogging opportunity to open up on the benefits of this huge development and how you can position yourself to make best use of them. After, all it's an ill wind which blows nobody any good.

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