More Personality, Less Education

Honestly, you don't need mini courses on how copywriting works. You simply want copy that brings in more business. That in mind, this blog is changing up a bit.

Andrew McDonald

9/2/20222 min read

Why do copywriters spend so much time educating people about what they do? After all, if I call a plumber, I don’t want him to teach me how the water system in my home works. I just need mine fixing. I don’t care what’s wrong with it or what must be done, that’s his job.

That was the gist of a LinkedIn post which caught my eye over the last fortnight. Copywriters spend so much time telling people how to craft great copy. Why? It isn’t what you hire us for. You employ our services to make your life easier. Write great material which sells, be a pleasure to work with, be open to direction, that’s it.

Maybe it’s because so many copywriters were once teachers. This tends to be a second profession, rather than a straight out of college one. Which is great because it means most of us bring experience, both of life and industry, to the table. However, if you want an education, you’ll go to school. Is it there’s too much truth to that well-known saying ‘once a teacher, always a teacher’?

And yes, I’ve been guilty of all this too. I was a teacher and a trainer for many years. This is my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

However, you want something different. Somebody with a personality, the confidence to write well and the ability to take constructive criticism. Incidentally, I always did offer all those things. You’re just going to get more of them... and less of the education, from now on.

That’s one of the reasons last week’s article was simply a list of motivational quotes. Another was I needed a bit of creative mind space to decide on what my new direction should be. Perhaps you thought I was being lazy but it wasn’t that, honest! Actually, it probably took longer to source all those short statements than it does to write an article. I even translated one of them from Italian to English (languages are really important to me, particularly italiano). See if you can spot which it is here.