Sporting holidays in Newcastle, Madrid, and Bilbao

Andrew McDonald

7/3/20231 min read

I admit it. I’m weak. I gave into the craving many of us get at this time of year. I went on holiday.

Actually, I had a binge. I went on two in quick succession.

And wrote off most of June as a result.

Oh well, life is short. Better to enjoy it while you can!

Over June, I went to:

Essentially an annual rugby league festival. Magic Weekend.

A key basketball game in the Spanish Liga ACB season. Featuring a world famous name. Real Madrid.

A visit to Athletic Bilbao’s stadium, San Mamés. There’s a hint of controversy here. Something I’ll definitely be analysing to unearth the club’s USP in a few days.

Then back home to Ireland. A couple of trips to Dublin to see Shamrock Rovers play in key matches. First, the Dublin derby. Second, against title rivals, Derry City.

But I didn’t switch off the copywriting brain entirely.

I extracted marketing lessons from all of these trips. Ideas I’ll be revealing and analysing over the next week or so.

Starting tomorrow...