The 5 fastest ways to a SALES-GENERATING WEBSITE

Andrew McDonald

5/10/20231 min read

1. Use unusual fonts.

Arial and Georgia are great. They're easy to read.

But there are plenty of newer fonts which are still easy on the eye.

And which make your site stand out.

2. Add a background

Texture behind your website's copy gives a unique look.

Make sure whatever you use is light.

Heavy backgrounds make reading difficult.

3. White space is king!

Paragraphs in this post are short.

And in all my content.

Including copy I write for clients.


It makes text a breeze to read.

Use it!

4. Include plenty of images

But have a theme.

I use stadia on my website.

It helps give my site a "look".

Important if you want to be remembered.

Emojis can help to do this, too.

5. Use colour wisely

Black and white or grayscale websites can look great.

And boy, are they distinctive!

But you need ability to pull it off.

Distinctive colours are much easier to use.

Colours that say something about your business.

But not too many.

Or you'll end up looking like a toddler's colouring book.

Talk about your colour choices, too.

Mine represent teams I support.

Green & white = Shamrock Rovers.
White & red = St. Helens.
And green, white & red = Wales.