Want to know why you're making ZERO sports e-commerce SALES? Here's what's KILLING YOUR BUSINESS...

Andrew McDonald

5/8/20231 min read

1. You don't have a brand. For the love of the holy man in the sky, you need a USP!

2. Your website is basic and templated. This looks lazy and unappealing.

3. You're not bringing traffic to your site.

4. Your products aren't actually what the market wants.

5. You're targeting the wrong market.

6. You're trying to be everything to everybody.

Over the next few days, I will address each of these points. Starting tomorrow.

I will also teach you how to up your game quickly and easily.

After that, we'll explore more advanced ideas and tactics for skyrocketing your sales.

But slow and steady wins the race.

Focus on these things for now.

Master them.

Then we can take things to the next level.