Why guest podcasting is golden publicity for your sports e-commerce store

Andrew McDonald

6/5/20232 min read

TV and radio advertising is great. A short impactful ad raises brand awareness through the roof.

But does it do much for your reputation?

Arguably, yes. There's credibility in prime advertising slots.

Arguably, no. People are savvy and know an ad is just an ad. It's going to show you in your best possible light.

In short, it's a form of propaganda.

An evil man, but a master propagandist, Josef Goebbels, summed it up like this:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

The problem is, Goebbels was speaking over 80 years ago. And about politics rather than commercials.

These days, your target audience often knows better than to trust ad claims.

They want proof. That's hard to provide in a 30-second commercial.

I'm not telling you ads shouldn't be part of your marketing strategy.

Of course, they should.

People have to know about your sports e-commerce store to be able to buy from you.

But they shouldn't be your WHOLE marketing strategy.

You should keep an eye on building authority.

And podcasts do that in spades.

Most people are busy these days. Commuting to work, exercising, running errands. They don't have time anymore to read newspapers and magazines.

They're often too tired anyway.

The way we consume information has changed. And one direction it's changed in is that audio is booming. Particularly podcasting.

Name any subject, however niche, and there will be a podcast on it. Usually several.

Plus the way podcasts are listened to is INTIMATE. Like ultra intimate.

Most people engage with podcasts through earphones.

Think about that.

By being on a podcast, you're literally getting inside their heads.

And they're giving you permission to do it.

Another thing in favour of podcasts is the length of time they last.

Some are short, maybe 20 minutes, but most run for an hour or more.

That's sixty minutes plus of you speaking directly to your target audience.

Of you telling them your story, of how you can change their lives and why.

A great amount of space to offer proof and do some serious convincing.

Now that builds authority!

And why am I suggesting guest podcasting rather than having your own show?

Two reasons.

First, by being on somebody else's show you're borrowing their credibility.

Listeners trust the host and so trust the host's guests.

Secondly, running a podcast is a business in itself.

You can make decent money that way. But it's also a shit ton of work.

Podcast hosts are deserving of huge respect. The effort they put in behind the scenes is incredible.

They do so much that simply offering to help them transforms you as a guest. From being average to great.

And great guests aren't limited to one-off appearances. They get invited back for further interviews.

Podcast hosts tell their friends, too. Which results in appearances on other shows.

More intimacy with your target audience. More credibility. More authority.

We'll look at how to be an amazing guest tomorrow.