Why Your Business Needs Great Content

More than ever, clients and customers buy from people they like. Great content is a powerful way of building a solid reputation. It is a potent SEO weapon, too!

Andrew McDonald

4/22/20223 min read

1. Content helps build a relationship with potential customers and clients. Garrison Wynn, the author of The Real Truth About Success firmly believes what he says when asked who people buy from: ‘People buy from people they trust, and they trust people they like.’ Think about it for a moment. There are two shops close to you selling the same products. One is run by someone who is always friendly, and who pays back into their community by supporting local events. The other is owned by a gruff individual whose only interest is in taking your money. Who do you buy from? Now that example is easy to follow if walk-ins make up the bulk of your clientele. What do you do, however, if you need to draw in your customers? Build a website is the obvious answer, and almost all businesses these days have one. That, in itself, is a problem. How does yours stand out from the crowd? By regularly adding helpful content that avoids the hard-sell. In doing so, you build up a relationship with prospective clients who come to value the help you give them. Someone who feels you contribute more than just selling is already much further down the sales path than a person who thinks your only concern is profit.

2. Content is to SEO what carbohydrates are to humans. Succinctly, it is what energises search engines. Nobody knows for sure what parameters Google, Bing and other web searching organisations use. At least, not outside of those companies. What is certain though is content is crucial. Briefly, a website which doesn’t upload fresh material on a regular basis is treated as dead by search engines. This doesn’t mean they stop indexing such sites. They still include them in search results, but they also push them further and further down lists of relevant recommendations. That means you lose prominence, and the coveted place on the first page of search finds. A study by Chitika Insights discovered 90% of people never go beyond that initial list. Whilst you’ll still be indexed, the Grim Reaper is definitely banging on your website’s door if you don’t quickly return to page one. One key caveat: it has to be quality content. Search engine algorithms recognise spam!

3. Content is cost-effective. Although the initial outlay for quality writing may seem high, it pays off. Don’t believe this? According to the Content Marketing Institute, content costs 62% less than outbound marketing, yet it generates over three times more leads than traditional advertising methods.

4. Content can be evergreen. This means someone reading it ten years from now will get the same benefit, and therefore appreciate your business just as much, as someone who sees it the day it goes up. Now that’s an investment that pays!

5. Content gives your customers a chance to interact with you outside of the sales process. You can open your blog to comments or include a feedback form, which means you get input from your clientele. Free market research! Your understanding of what they want and need grows at the speed of light. Also, clients who read blog posts tend to be well-informed. Using their feedback, you can improve the identity of your business and target their requirements more effectively. What’s more, your blog can take into account what they say and build into a truly valuable resource, both for you and them. This leads naturally back to point one. By giving your customers what they need, and not simply hard-selling to them, you are giving them a service they will come to respect, like and trust. And clients who feel those emotions towards your business are far farther down the path towards buying from you than those who don’t!